4th. Tokyo Gohan Film Festival
Oct.12(Sat) - Oct.18(fri)

"The Tokyo gohan film festival" that began in 2010 about "the third gohan film festival" is a composition type event to enjoy for the five senses while talking with a person while listening to music again while gathering "the delicious movies" which I pictured the connection with a person and the meal in in the cathedral, and not only merely watching a movie, but also experiencing a meal.
Around Aoyama that is the place of dispatch of the lifestyle culture, I want to heap up the whole town including Omotesando, Shibuya, Harajuku.

the from Saturday, October12, 2013 to Friday, October 18
10/12-14: Omotesando Hills Main Building B3F SPACE O
10/12-18: Theatre Image Forum
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Tokyo gohan film festival executive committee
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